Confession: I'm a Podcast Junkie

My good friend Jenny and I were talking the other day about how we can find ourselves in an “creative slump” and often times it looks different each time we find ourselves there. Sometimes it’s the environment we are working in or maybe we are just lacking design inspiration. There are even times when we are just feeling discouraged and it becomes hard to see how we could move past it. These creative slumps need to be talked about because they are inevitable (it’s called life) and it affects our efficiency, productivity, perspective, thoughts, behavior and even the relationships around us if we let it get that far. 

So what does it look like for you to move past this slump/negative energy in your own life? Well, you can’t move past something you aren’t aware of so identifying what has caused you to get there is first and foremost, but I want to share with you a tool that has helped me tremendously - PODCAST. Of course, I don’t only listen to podcast when I need to align my thoughts / energy / creativity - I listen to them all the time, but what I’m listening to all depends on the day. So, here is a little breakdown of podcast I frequently visit!

For my God loving ladies who just want to laugh and talk about life, family and community - 

JEN HATMAKER // For The Love Podcast

Jen keeps it real and does not shy away from sharing her love for Jesus Christ. She interviews women who have similar perspectives, attitudes, and want to serve people well while doing what they love.

CHERYL SCRUGGS // Thriving Beyond Belief

With so much love for Christ, Cheryl has devoted her life to ministry specifically through her marriage to Jeff Scruggs and their testimony. They were married for ten years, divorced for seven and then remarried again to each other. Cheryl is extremely courageous and vulnerable in sharing her story and in her podcast, Thriving Beyond Belief she interviews different women who live wholeheartedly to serve Jesus as well.

JOYCE MEYER // Enjoying Everyday Life

Joyce preaches the gospel with passion and I love that she doesn’t sugar coat anything when it comes to how we need to live as Christians. She is fearless in sharing her testimony of childhood abuse and how she has overcame so much in her life through the grace of Jesus Christ. I listen to Joyce every morning while I’m getting ready for work and there could not be a better way for me to start my day.

For my entrepreneur friends - 

JENNA KUTCHER // The Goal Digger Podcast

I’ve been following Jenna now for a few years and let me tell you this girl knows her stuff about all things business, social media, and staying creative. She runs a six figure business from her home and continues to grow her following by the day. 

Intellectuals and holistic living friends -

JESS LIVELY // The Lively Show

Ready to live with deep intention? Tired of going through the motions and allowing life to do the thinking for you? Jess lives with intention and devotes her life to studying what and how it looks like to be aware of everything you are experiencing throughout your day. She explores many different concepts - Law of attraction, consciousness and healing, self love, and intuition are just a few of the many things she typically discusses on her podcast. 

Holistic living is something that has been on my radar ever since my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 (she is a survivor, #BTHOcancer & free of cancer) and I really strive to be mindful of everything I put in and on my body - medicine, food, beauty products etc. It is my goal to one day live a chemical free lifestyle, but until then I want to also be mindful of the people I surround myself with, words I listen to and conversations I am having. If you have something in your life that keeps you grounded and brings you joy - share below in the comments or send me a message! I would really love to hear all about it!

Photograph by: Kristina Ross Photography